So… you say you want to become a CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND OF AL??

Hey, as far as we're concerned, if you've made it as far as this web site, you're already a Close Personal Friend of Al's, and are fully authorized to present yourself as such to all friends, family and foreign dignitaries. Actually, there is no real Fan Club at the moment – just an informal, loose organization of deviants who handle the mail, processes the merchandise orders, and burn the unsolicited song ideas. But if you'd like to stay as current as humanly possible on all things Al (considering you're a human, of course), send us your info HERE to receive news bulletins, new merchandise offers, and other worthless info.

All general fan mail sent to the P.O. Box pretty much eventually makes its way to Al, although you have to remember it's usually by the truckload and we can never guarantee a personal answer. We try to answer as many questions and honor as many autograph requests as possible (it helps if you enclose a stamp), but again, we can't guarantee how quickly we'll respond – it usually takes a while (visualize a glacier).

At any rate, you can write to Al c/o CPFOA at the following address:

Close Personal Friends Of Al
PMB #4018
8033 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

New merchandise has been added for the Poodle Hat album release and tour, including a few Web Exclusive items, on our Merchandise page!

For those of you interested in finding any of Al's recordings, all albums are listed on the Catalog page, and can be found or ordered through your local record store or through the links on that page. (All are still available except for "Peter and the Wolf," which was discontinued by CBS Masterworks several years ago.)

Al does not see any of the email sent to any of the addresses, so DON'T TRY TO WRITE TO HIM VIA EMAIL FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! (you can do that via snail mail at the above address.)

If you have a song or parody idea that you're just dying to share with Al… sorry, Al is not able to accept unsolicited material. However, you may try submitting your tapes or CDs to Dr. Demento (that's how Al got HIS start!) You can send broadcast-quality recordings to:

Dr. Demento
P.O. Box 884
Culver City, CA 90232

To find out where you can hear Dr. Demento in your area, go HERE. To request one of Al's songs over and over and over and over and over again, click HERE.